Results Driven Strategic Planning?

  My clients often ask me what is Results Driven Strategic Planning? They ask me somuch I decided to write about it in my newest book, Results Driven Organizations: The 4 Keys to a High-Performance Workplace. So here’s the deal!Strategic planning is a method of...

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Wanna Create Trust? Here’s How!

I’m about to help you become the ROCKSTAR you really are by showing you how to create trust. Why? Well, People buy from you, offer help, and grant rewards based on trust. I have 5 steps you can take to increase your success and your influence by creating trust...

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Did they leave YOU?!

In a recent study of the best leaders, we found that they are consistent and passionate in their engagement with their teams. Both CEO's and first-time supervisors exhibited this consistency and passion. Unfortunately, according to management derailment studies, 50%...

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