The Top 4 Key Factors in Reducing Workplace Absence

That absence management is a key component of workforce management does not really need an explicit mention. However, planned and unplanned absence is a universal fact of work and many organizations might take it as something that cannot be avoided. There are ways to minimize both absence and its impact. First, we need to look…
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The Power of Diversification: Keep Calm and Diversify

I'm the Queen of the Focus message in the Work at Home Mom Community. I believe it's important to have a tight focus when you're developing or growing a home business that will pass the test of time and bring in a reliable income. This is especially true when it comes to a Direct Sales…
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The Power of Business Financial Projection

A business seeking capital can't afford to underestimate the importance of business financial projections. A business financial projection is simply forecasting your sales and revenue to the lender. This information is important because it is a key indicator to your ability to repay a loan. If you are unsure about financial forecasting and how it…
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