Let’s have some fun talking about customer service. I prefer the term, customer experience because we are beyond service. Service is basic. Our clients and customers are looking for experience.

Indulge me in this visioning exercise; I want you to close your eyes and imagine it’s your favorite holiday. I want you to think about everything that makes you happy and excited. What is it? Write it all down.

The holidays remind me of Results Driven Customer Experience because people display a willingness to SERVE, they go out of their way to create a memorable experience for young and old alike. That’s what customer service is all about right? When I think about the efficiency and effectiveness of the holidays, I think about what has to take place to make the holiday happen and what takes place to make the holiday happen RIGHT!

You see during the holidays- people are very giving- they give of their time, their attention and their knowledge and it’s done strategically for some and effortlessly for others.

If its Mother’s Day- people acknowledge you whether you are a mother or not- a universal display of courtesy and respect. During Veterans Day- we show those who have risked their lives for our safety – gratitude and appreciation and even Halloween- now I really don’t get Halloween but it REALLY does bring out the creativity in people! And that’s really what customer experience is all about. Being willing to give, serve, and be creative while showing, genuine courtesy and respect! The cherry on top is how we do it efficiently, effectively and effortlessly.

Here’s a question just to get you thinking.

Why can’t we provide and maintain that same feeling and create those same experiences daily when we provide service to our internal and external customers?
Migs Bassig, a contributor for CustomerThink, a global online community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises, serves 150,000 visitors from over 200 countries around the world. wrote an article, 5 Companies with Envy-Worthy Customer Experience. Bassig, determined, “ these are the ones that are able to manage feedback effectively and wow customers consistently, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower churn, increased revenue, and better overall business results. While the list is by no means an exhaustive one, we hope you’ll be able to take what you can in order to inform and inspire your efforts to improve customer experience.”

Bassig’s article noted the following 5 companies:

Zappos (retail, e-commerce) is a company known for going above and beyond to satisfy customers. They also have a School of WOW for inspiring leaders and frontline representatives with the Zappos customer service philosophy.

Publix (retail, supermarket) based in Florida, the chain has a philosophy of building a people-first culture to share the customer experience. They were the only company with an overall rating of excellent in the 2015 and 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings.

Southwest Airlines (airlines) is known for creating moments of magic with customers. They were also No. 1 airline in the 2016 Temkin Experience Ratings.

USAA (insurance and financial services) Leverages technology to power customer experiences and foster trust; rated No. 1 in 2016 Temkin Trust Ratings, No. 4 in 2016 Temkin Web Experience Ratings, No. 1 in Forrester’s US 2016 Customer Experience Index, and No. 1 in KPMG Nunwood’s US Customer Experience Excellence (CEE) rankings

Nordstrom (retail, department store) has a legacy of attention to detail when it comes to their customers. Their employee handbook concentrates on the company’s “One Rule”: “Use good judgment in all situations.

It’s amazing that each of these 5 companies has made customer experience an intentional priority so why can’t you do it in your organizations? What’s stopping you from reaching stellar organizational success with your internal and external clients?

It’s a culture. It’s a belief system and it’s an inside job. Stop and look at your company’s mission, vision, and core values. Grab them now, I’ll wait. Evaluate how your organizations show up based on what you see. If there is work to be done, DO IT TODAY! 

Please understand you cannot be efficient, effective and maintain a healthy enterprise without creating a customer service experience no matter HOW HARD YOU TRY. It won’t work! There are certain behaviors that should be exhibited around efficiency and effectiveness that are directly related to the customer experience you provide. 

Excerpt from Dr. Taunya Lowe’s book, Results Driven Organizations: The 4 Keys to High-Performance Workplace