957-golf_driving_rangeThey DRIVE!

I have come to realize that there are 3 things that keep my clients and people who should  be my clients stuck in the “dream-only” mode;  it’s because of one or all of the following:

1. Feeling stuck, “I can’t seem to get out of this rut to take action.” “I’m stuck.” Feeling stuck is usually about a limiting belief or a “gremlin” that is keeping you from moving forward with executing what is necessary to move forward with your goals.

2. Lack of clarity, “I am not sure where I should start first, second, or third.” Which usually means you’re trying to do too much or you are not operating in your purpose.

3. Not motivated to execute because of the “missing piece” which is usually one of 3 things:

  1. Resources (people, financial, knowledge, skills, tools, etc.). Interesting thing  about the missing piece of resources is, when we acquire the thing we thought was missing, we find something else we think we need before we can start and yet again we have delayed our execution.  The missing piece is a major trap that will keep you running in circles.
  2. Strategy (no plan in place, spending too much time doing the wrong thing) one of the things my coach taught me was just because you know how to do something doesn’t meant that you should be doing it or spending large amounts of time doing it.  When we spend too much time on the things that we enjoy and the things that make us comfortable, we don’t challenge ourselves enough to allow growth to occur. When we stop growing we can not reach those pinnacles that create the necessary shifts in our business, life, or career. Believe it or not, I can get caught up in this trap too! We must STRETCH in order to grow, which means having a workable plan that will require us to execute.
  3. Accountability. Well, accountability speaks for itself. Having someone who believes in you and your vision, dream, goal to hold your feet to the fire.

Therefore in order to not fall prey to feeling stuck, lacking clarity, the missing piece, no strategy and accountability; in order to execute riot starters must DRIVE;

Dr. Taunya Lowe with Patrina King, Golf Women Mean Business

Dr. Taunya Lowe with Patrina King, Golf Women Mean Business

D- Decide.

Once we have seen the vision and embraced it as our passion and purpose then we have 2 choices.

  1. To remain in dream-mode or
  2. Decide not to make excuses and move forward with our goals and our dreams deferred.

Deciding is all about mindset. Remember GYMR- Get Yo Mind Right!  We must make the decision to commit to the process and all involved in the goal. Sometimes taking small leaps and sometimes jumping all in.  Either way, DECIDE!


No one does anything great alone!

In order to execute we must develop and nurture relationships.  Not lunch and coffee date relationships but strategic thinking relationships that create win-win opportunities for all parties involved.  Some relationships may require an investment of not only time, but money. But remember in your D – you made the commitment to do whatever it takes.


I’m a yogini! I love Bikram yoga it’s the hot yoga and before every yoga class the instructor will ask us to set our intention for the class. Same with my golf lessons, the pro will ask me about my goal for the session.  This is setting your intention.  When you set your intention you commit to the tasks and nothing will stand between you and your goal.  Being intentional.

V- View

Never take your eye off the (ball) so in this analogy the ball is your goal. Keeping your goal in your current view will help you stay focused on what is important and minimize distractions, negativity and time wasters.  Keep your eye on the ball and it should always stay in view.

E- Execute

Don’t talk about it- be about it!  Execution is about starting. Starting can be taking a small step, taking a huge leap or flying off the cliff and building your wings on the way down. Procrastinating is the thief of executing therefore we have to practice execution daily with the big stuff and the small stuff.  The secret to executing is START!

Execute and prepare to soar! I would love to be your accountability partner to help you reach your individual and organizational goals. There is still plenty of time left in 2015.

Taunya A. Lowe, Ph.D. is the CEO of The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC, a human services and leadership development consulting firm located in Lawrenceville, GA.  Dr. Lowe is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and professor. Trained by John Maxwell and his team, she is a skilled change agent with a focus on developing people and organizations. She enjoys combining her many talents with her photography and writing to motivate, inspire and lead people and organizations toward change.  Learn more about Dr. Lowe, by visiting www.drtaunyalowe.com  or email her taunya@drtaunyalowe.com or call her office (855) 873-4445.