invest-in-you-2Now I’m not talking the superficial ” I can’t afford it” as it relates to those things you really can’t afford like the BMW, or the Tiffany earrings, or the new golf clubs when your old ones are just fine.  I’m talking about the “I can’t afford it” that Dr. Wayne Dyer talks about in his book Excuses Begone.  The “I can’t afford it” that stands between you and your dream, your purpose, your goal.

“I can’t afford it” is probably the number one excuse I hear from wanna-be business owners or someone struggling in their business or life when it comes to things they can or need to do to change their situation. They usually lead with one of these statements:

“I haven’t done this or that because it’s too expensive.”

“I can’t afford to work with you.”

“I can’t pursue my dream because I don’t’ have the money.”

The reality is, in order to get on the right track, get clarity, consultation, advice, direction, accountability, or pick someone’s brain, it is going to require some form of  investment. People will not invest in you long term until they see that you have invested in you.  Even when you know someone who can answer your questions and help you every now and then, it gets old quickly; and if the information you seek is something they do in their business, the free consultation won’t last for long.  They will quickly transition you from free to fee unless they are gifting their services to your venture.

Instead of leading with, how much does it cost, ask yourself, what is the cost of not making the investment?  How long am I willing to delay success or happiness by staying in the wrong lane? The excuse lane!  I love what Carol Sankar, the Millionare Mindset Entrepreneurship Success Coach  says, “If you keep counting the costs, your success will always be on a diet. Stop asking “how much” and start thinking how much further you are about to go.”

We live in a world of abundance and opportunity. In order to achieve and surpass our invest-in-yourselfdreams we must have a mindset of abundance instead of lack even when we can not see it at the time.  This mindset opens the door for creativity to offer opportunities. In order to GROW to the next level (whatever that is for you) we must change our conversation and our behavior around money as it relates to our dreams, our future, and our legacy. In order to make that change many of us need support beyond our circle of influence.

Here are 6 suggestions on how to find more today.

  1. Develop a budget for home and business. Look at where you can cut expenses at home and apply that extra to your bream, your goal, or your business.  The law of the trade off says, “you must give up to go up.”  What are you willing to give up permanently or temporarily to get to the next level. Dave Ramsey said, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.”
  1. If you are still working full time allocate a percentage of your income to your business. You should always be your first investor. If you are working a full time job and have a riot starter dream then go first! Start today and invest in yourself. The return is better than any 401K.
  1. Find the money.  We are a wasteful society. We drink $6.00 coffee, eat every meal out, have clothes delivered to our offices, wear and carry the apparel of people who fought for their dreams, expensive weaves,  nails done weekly, pay for gym membership that we don’t use, have more cable channels than we will ever watch and drive cars and live in houses that are above our means; but when it comes to our dreams we say we can’t afford it.  I say, find the money!
  1. Find a collaborative partner, or an investor. I get so ticked when people say they don’t want to give up a % of their non-money making business. Partnerships, investors don’t have to be forever.  Get proper guidance, consultation and get ready to GROW.  A percentage of something is better than a percentage of nothing. Do you ever watch Shark Tank?
  1. Be creative.  I’ve witnessed unemployed, low wage earners, and other financailly strapped people filled with hope take risks on an opportunity because they believed in their service, product or ability.  Whether it was a business venture, going back to school, or  starting a business, it was the faith and hope within themselves that lead to creative options. They found the money for the investment; borrowed it, got a loan, used a credit card, used savings, pulled out 401K, worked out payment plans, took part-time jobs and many other options. The moral of the story is not to be so quick to say no to your dream but to be creative in options that will work for your life
  2. afford1Work with a qualified financial planner. Many people have huge visions, great dreams but dysfunctional relationships with money that need to be healed. Dr. Roshawnna Novellus  says, working from a budget is not about paying off debt. Budgets allow you to live the life of your dreams right now. Rather than talking about doing it put your dreams in your budget.   

Let us help you be creative as you take a leap toward your dream but please stop using I can’t afford it to remain stuck, unhappy, and unfulfilled. We want to help you execute your dreams! Call us and let us get you on track to being a riot starter!

Taunya A. Lowe, Ph.D. is the CEO of The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC, a human services and leadership development consulting firm located in Lawrenceville, GA.  Dr. Lowe is an author, speaker, trainer, consultant, and professor. Trained by John Maxwell and his team, she is a skilled change agent with a focus on developing people and organizations. She enjoys combining her many talents with her photography and writing to motivate, inspire and lead people and organizations toward change.  Learn more about Dr. Lowe, by visiting  or email her or call her office (855) 873-4445.