Gladiators….. the athletic superstars of Ancient Rome.  Their battles in the arena drew thousands of fans. Just like today with Olivia Pope and her amazing kick butt team of Gladiators.  So whether you think of ancient Rome or your Thursday night Scandal fix, the question is, who is on your Gladiator team?

Let’s focus on “Liv’s” gladiators. Each person on her team has special knowledge and skills that allow her to excel.  How did she choose them you may wonder? Well, I would say, only the wise are smart enough to realize that you need to learn from others who can contribute to YOUR WHY in life. So, before we get to deep think about the following questions.

  1. What is YOUR WHY? (why do you do what you do, or want to do what you do, be honest and specific, none of this world peace stuff.)
  2. Is your personal or professional development buggy in drive, neutral or reverse?
  3. Who is on your Gladiator Team (your inner circle)?

In order to determine if your current Gladiator Team is effective, take an inventory of the top 10 people you regularly associate with (write it down).  As you review the list, realize that you will become an exact duplicate of those 10 people — financially, spiritually, physically and psychologically.  Be honest with yourself.  If you are not 100% elated about what you see yourself becoming due to your present relationships, you need to make an immediate shift!  TODAY!!!

Understand this; the key to reaching our personal and professional pinnacles is to surround ourselves with people who will empower us to reach the highest pinnacle points in our lives (our destiny points)!  In order to exceed your present reach, you need to surround yourself with people who will challenge you to move beyond your comfort zone and stretch farther.

Our company vision is to be the leading entity to provide strategic intervention, leadership development and simulated practice (i.e., training) to human service professionals, individuals, companies, and non-profit organizations, nationally and internationally.  Each and every day I strive to immerse myself in print and audio resources as well as networking and net-weaving with people (to add to my Gladiator Team) who will strengthen me and enable me to reach my destiny!

So back to the questions. What did you come up with? James Allen author of As a Man Thinketh says, “Men [people] are anxious to improve their circumstances, but are unwilling to improve themselves; therefore [they] remain bound.”   Translation, they do nothing! Will you remain bound?  Stop living in neutral and reverse, start driving with a strong Gladiator Team in your corner! I would love to help you reach the pinnacles in your life through a strategic assessment, training, workshops, or coaching, and training.

Taunya A. Lowe, Ph.D. is the CEO of The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC and Director of Leadership Development for The Impact Experience, LLC, a human services and leadership development consulting firm located outside Atlanta, GA.  Speaker, trainer, coach, with the John Maxwell Team, author, professor, entrepreneur, and, the Siegel Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Character 2013 Phenomenal Woman. She is a skilled change agent with a focus on developing people and organizations. She enjoys combining her photography and writing to motivate, inspire and lead people toward growth and change. Order her debut book, Wanna Start a Riot? Change.  To learn more, visit our websites,  To contact Dr. Lowe, email her  at