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Your Gladiator Team?

Gladiators….. the athletic superstars of Ancient Rome.  Their battles in the arena drew thousands of fans. Just like today with Olivia Pope and her amazing kick butt team of Gladiators.  So whether you think of ancient Rome or your Thursday night Scandal fix, the question is, who is on your Gladiator team? (more…)
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16 Leadership Traits of the Honey Badger

I was in a strategic planning meeting and before I started my session, my client, asked his team, as an icebreaker, “if you could be any animal in the world what would you be and why?” Out of a group of 20 people there had to have been 10 eagles (everyone wants to be an…
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Process Gaps Lead to Progress Gaps

You arrive at the end of your project.  It’s done, finished! You can finally take a breather, you are proud but you don’t know why… You take a moment to reflect. (more…)
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