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Process Gaps Lead to Progress Gaps

You arrive at the end of your project.  It’s done, finished! You can finally take a breather, you are proud but you don’t know why… You take a moment to reflect. (more…)
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Am I Prepared to Lead?

When you suddenly get the job of leading an organization (nonprofit, volunteer or corporate), it can be a pretty daunting challenge; the responsibilities inherent in managing people can be overwhelming. (more…)
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7 Steps to Avoiding Average_REVISED

I can't believe it's been months since I've blogged, when I have so much to say! Life has been pretty busy with The Impact Experience as we promote my new book, Wanna Start a Riot? Change. Affirmations, Confirmations, and Prayers. So be sure to order your autographed copy today. While I have been promoting my book…
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