taken by Dr. Taunya Lowe, Midland, GA

taken by Dr. Taunya Lowe, Midland, GA

There is a gift in the rainbow for both the giver and the receiver; don’t miss it. Be sincere in your giving and your doing.

Doers: Evaluate your giving and your doing. Make sure that it is genuine and it comes from an honest place. If you are giving and doing as a seed for a future return then your doing is not authentic and the fake seeds planted will not grow. THAT YOU CAN TAKE TO THE BANK!

Receivers: Receive with gratitude, accept with thanks and when it is your turn to intercede, demonstrate reciprocity. Sometimes we do things because we feel like we owe someone for the things they have done for us. If the relationship is built on everything I’ve done for you or everything you have done for me, please know that it is a debt that can never be repaid. Give and do genuinely! The cost of guilt-giving is to high.

The other side of that same coin is- do not take generosity for granted. People are so quick to take the kindness of others for granted. Their memory gets real short unless they are in a constant state of receiving. Stop that!

Be grateful for what people choose to do for you. If it is done with a sincere spirit know that It is a rich blessing and a priceless gift. Be a cheerful giver and a humble receiver and never forget to pay it forward! Be encouraged!

So what is the gift from the rainbow? For the giver the rainbow signifies and increases our faith in people. “I have faith in you as a person, therefore I extend myself and my “gifts” to you”. For the receiver, the rainbow signifies hope. You can’t see a rainbow without smiling and feeling there is something better at the end. Beloved, always know that is something better according to His promises- don’t loose hope. Rainbows brighten our day and so does the gift of hope.


Taunya A. Lowe, Ph.D. is the CEO of a human services and leadership development consulting firm located in Lawrenceville, GA. Dr. Lowe is a speaker, trainer, strategist, success coach, professor, entrepreneur; and the Siegel Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Character 2013 Phenomenal Woman. Trained by John Maxwell and his team, she is a skilled change agent with a focus on developing people and organizations. She enjoys combining her photography and writing to motivate, inspire and lead people and organizations toward transformation. Contact Dr. Lowe, by visiting www.drtaunyalowe.com or email her drtaunyalowe@theresurgentgroup.com or call her office (855) 873-4445.