My clients often ask me what is Results Driven Strategic Planning? They ask me so
much I decided to write about it in my newest book,
 Results Driven Organizations: The 4 Keys to a High-Performance Workplace.

So here’s the deal!

Strategic planning is a method of planning a series of events in an organized manner in order to accomplish an organizational, team, or department goal. For this type of planning to prove meaningful, you MUST look at the entire picture of your organization (not just the good parts) and then design SMART steps to maneuver getting to the finish
line. For example, we could say that the strategy is to overtake an area while tactical planning is how you will fight each battle. The strategy is the plan to get to the desired outcome.

Now, let’s look at this in terms of results driven strategic planning. Strategic planning can work in several ways in any organization. For example, you may want to create a plan to get your department, team or the entire organization from one level to the next. Depending on what that is, you can create a plan for key players to follow to achieve the end results.
Here are a few examples of what strategic planning would look like in different
departments of an organization:

                   • Financial aspects such as profit, loss, increasing sales or lowering costs.
                   • In human resources, you can devise a strategic plan to recruit new hires, to
                     promote individuals, to staff a location quickly and for retention.
                   • You can use strategic planning for your marketing plans. How you will market,
                     where you will market, and how much you will spend in those areas are all
                     determined through the strategic planning.

What is strategy?

Let’s break this down even more. As soon as I learned to play golf, I fell in love with it
because it is a game of strategy. I can relate how I move on the golf course to things
that happen in organizations. Not keeping my head down when I am about to drive from the tee box almost always causes my ball to go in the opposite direction that I want it to go. Same thing in organizations. If we don’t keep our eye on the mission and
vision. Key players, the overall outcome. You will not achieve your desired goal either. For me that means my ball ends up in the trees, in someone’s yard, or just a few inches away from me. However, in an organization this could mean loss of productivity, loss of staff and ultimately loss of profits.

So what IS strategy?

Strategic Planning is not Strategy. Strategy is the “what” you and your organization are going to be, and the broad approach to how you are going to do that. Strategic Planning looks at the details of how you will get there — which associations you will joint-venture with, how many sales people you will add this year, what type of advertising you will
use, whether to pay for page-views or click-throughs. The strategic plan will itemize the specific actions you will take in a given time frame, and the specific results those actions will produce. Strategy defines the destination,
and whether you will take a scenic way or a fast way, and if you want rest stops. Strategic planning identifies the specific highways and specific streets.

Have you bothered to think about where you want to go recently? Most organizations and entrepreneurs started with an idea of what they wanted to create or what problem they were going to solve. That may have been a long time ago. Perhaps it’s time for you to consider those questions again.