7 Steps to Avoiding AverageI can’t believe it’s been months since I’ve blogged, when I have so much to say! Life has been pretty busy with The Impact Experience as we promote my new book, Wanna Start a Riot? Change. Affirmations, Confirmations, and Prayers. So be sure to order your autographed copy today.

While I have been promoting my book and the Riot Starter Movement, I have taken time to reflect and think about the leadership, growth and change messages I want to share with you; not just share but challenge and inspire you as well! So here goes! Challenge #1- stop being average.

When I look at the calendar I wonder where has the time gone.  It seems like the year just started but, in 4 months it will be over.  We are already in the downswing of summer, soon it will be fall, then we will be preparing Christmas then it will be 2014 and the clock will begin again. Just like it does every year.   So my question for you is what have you done with YOUR time? Have you wasted it, spent it procrastinating and being average?  Having average conversations? Not being intentional about your growth, your change or your future? Or, have you spent your time wisely working toward being and living and extraordinary life!

We all have goals, dreams, and, growth spurts waiting to happen in our lives but some of us also have abandoned goals, dreams deferred and missed growth opportunities. We settle for average when it’s our purpose, our destiny to be extraordinary. We must practice the spirit of discernment to help us recognize those triggers that keep us stuck, keep us average. If we don’t we will continue to look at the same calendar year after year; like when 2000, looks like 2005, looks like 2010, looks like today. There are so many elements that contribute to being average and when we subscribe to them we become defeated, deflated and sometimes debunked. So let’s focus on the positive! Let’s focus our hearts and minds on what will keep us on the path to extraordinary by following these 7 Steps.

1. Deserve. Before you can make a commitment to pursue an extraordinary life you must believe that you DESERVE an extraordinary life or you will sabotage all efforts. Lose the sacrificial mindset that it’s not the right time, you don’t have the right this or that, or someone else deserves it more. When you put these things into the atmosphere you are basically saying, “I don’t deserve greatness”. As a person of faith I cling to Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you. Plans not to harm you but to give you hope and a good future.”  Plant your stake down on “I deserve the best” rock. NOTE: Keep in mind that being deserving is not entitlement. A mindset of deserving the best means that you are willing to put in the emotional, physical and financial work to achieve it.  When you feel that you are entitled you expect it to be given to you.

2. Believe. Your attitude determines your aptitude.  We must be mindFUL about our mindSET every day.  Speaking life into your future will keep you motivated and inspired. Speaking negativity will only move you away from your dreams and goals. If you do not believe that you can reach the highest pinnacle of your destiny.  No one else will either. You MUST believe in yourself and you MUST believe in your greatness. What you think is what you believe.  So what do you believe about you?  What are the tapes playing in your head?  In the Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich (1937), he talks about Imagination: The workshop of the Mind, “The imagination is literally the workshop wherein are fashioned all plans created by man. The impulse, the DESIRE, is given shape, form, and ACTION through the aid of the imaginative faculty of the mind. It has been said that man can create anything which he can imagine.”

3. Stop. There are a lot of things we need to start doing but I challenge each of you to make a list of those things that you need to STOP doing. Those things that you know are holding you back and keeping you average.  One of them is  putting your future in the hands of other people. STOP listening to people tell you that you CAN NOT or should not (fill in the blank). Re-read #2 and move one step closer to your destiny, your purpose, your future. STOP it today!

4. Tenacity. “The Honey Badger is a tenacious small carnivore that has a reputation for being, pound for pound, Africa’s most fearless animal despite its small size. It is even listed as the “most fearless animal in the world” in the Guinness Book of Records”  Do you lack tenacity because of fear? Are you letting fear hold you back? Do you see what you want but are afraid, busy counting excuses, or just unwilling to make the investment of time, money, and effort to get what you want? Or…. are you a honey badger? Despite challenges you go after what you want and YOU GET IT! I encourage you to be tenacious like the honey badger despite your race, gender, disability, education, finances, fear, or size. They are only excuses that keep us average.

5. Dreams.  It wouldn’t be a dream if you couldn’t make it come true. I love how leadership expert John Maxwell says, “A dream worth pursuing is a picture and a blueprint of a person’s purpose and potential.”  You must see it before you can see it, in order to achieve it. Never taking your eye off of it for one second. Don’t die with your dreams buried with you because you chose to be average when your calling was to be extraordinary. Author and professor Leo Buscaglia states, “life lived for tomorrow will always be a day away from being realized.”  

6. Inside. “What do I need to understand about creating the life I want? EVERYTHING you need is already inside of you.”  We are always looking for a quick answer, an easy answer or the solution from someone else. Stop that! We have everything we need. It may need to be tweaked, buffed or challenged but it’s in there. You may even need a coach or a mentor to help you conceptualize it and bring it out but it’s in there. Understand that If we fail to go within, we WILL go without. When we go within we find those things that we have tucked away or have been given to someone else. It’s time to take them back. If you struggle with this concept in order to reach your destiny, a coach can help you. Call me!

7. The Law of Relativity. In all things trust your God, trust yourself, keep the faith, don’t give up and make a daily effort toward extraordinary. Practice the Law of Relativity, the general premise of the law of relativity is that your view point or perception of any event or situation determines the reality you experience. Know what you want, work toward it daily, maintain a positive view (regardless of what you see around you) and, by all cost avoid being average.

Dr. Taunya A. Lowe is the CEO of The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC and Director of Leadership Development for The Impact Experience, LLC, a human services and leadership development consulting firm located outside Atlanta, GA.  Speaker, trainer, coach, with the John Maxwell Team, author, professor, entrepreneur, and, the Siegel Institute for Ethics, Leadership and Character 2013 Phenomenal Woman. She is a skilled change agent with a focus on developing people and organizations. She enjoys combining her photography and writing to motivate, inspire and lead people toward growth and change. Order her debut book, Wanna Start a Riot Change. http://www.wannastartariotchange.eventbrite.com   To learn more, visit our website http://www.theresurgentgroup.com