The Resurgent Group


Partner. Strategist. Resource. Advisor.

The Resurgent Group of Metro Atlanta, LLC (TRGMA) established in 2006, is a human services consulting and leadership development firm dedicated to turning concepts into reality.

What is human services? Those who work in the field of human services act as agents to assist and empower individuals, groups, families and communities. Human services professionals help clients to prevent, alleviate or better cope with crisis, change, and stress in order to function more effectively in all areas of life. You may find human services professionals in the area of healthcare,social services, criminal justice, research, nonprofit organizations,academia, and churches.

We aim to strengthen those who work in the field of human services through our transformational consulting and leadership services. Our vision is to be a partner, strategist, resource and advisor to Human Services agencies and individuals around the world. Our mission is to assist with the transformation of people and organizations to achieve greatness in business and life.